Reactive dye

CE-type reactive dyes

This series are wool reactive dyestuffs with high performance. It contains double reactive groups, with its water fastness , high stability, good performance in wet fastness and free of heavy metals, can meet OeKo-Tex100 environmental demands.


Main features
CE series reactive dyes contains α-bromo-acrylamide , monochlorotriazine etc various reactive groups, which is high solubility , stable hydrolysis resistance and especially suitable for the middle and deep dying.
* High absorption rate and fixation rate
* Excellent Dyeing reproducibility
* It can maintains excellent fastness to wet processing even though dyeing deeply.


Color Sample Product C.I.No.
Reactive Yellow CE 100%  
Reactive Golden Yellow CE-01 100%  
Reactive Red CE 100%  
Reactive Blue CE 100%  
Reactive Dark Blue CE 100%  
Reactive Black CE 100%  


Technology of dyeing
(For example of Wool, only for reference)
Dye dissolved: Dyes beat with cold water, Stir in not more than 60 ℃ warm water to dyes completely dissolved, then Cooling & filter, join to the dyes vat.

Process of graphs


Dyeing prescription
A: Penetrant  CA   0.5-1 g/l
Dye leveller B    1-2 g/l
Acetic acid        x g/l
Adjust pH=4.5-7
B:Dyes       X%

Washing crafts 
Put the sodium carbonate or ammonium hydroxide to the dye bath, adjust the PH to 8-8.5, and keep 15-20mintues under the temperature of 80-85℃. Then fully washed it by cold water and adjust the dye bath to PH=5 by the acetic acid.